Travel and food

For us traveling and food go together. Enjoying new tastes and flavours are a important part of our holiday. Back in cold and rainy Netherlands we always try to incorporate the new flavours in recipes. You will not find hearty tarts in every kitchen in the world, but below some of our recipes that are inspired by our travels including a short introduction about the origin.


Bolivian meat/sweet pepper tart


During a trip in Bolivia I noticed that meat is very important in Bolivian meals,including organ meat. Further more I vividly remember the colourful market with tomatoes, paprika and peppers. These two ingredients inspired me for this recipe.



- 1 red, 1 green and 1 yellow sweet pepper 

- 200 gr minced beef meat

- 1 red pepper without seeds

- ground coriander

- salt and pepper

- 3 eggs

- 100 ml soft goat cheese

- 1x basic curd dough for crust


Cut sweet peppers roughly. Fry the minced meat and spice it with coriander, red pepper, salt and black pepper. Add  cut sweet pepper and fry for another 5 minutes. Clothe a buttered tart form or oven dish with dough and pierce tiny holes with a fork.  Beat eggs loose with goat cheese and some salt and black pepper. Put colourful meat/pepper mixture in the form and pour cheese/eggs mixture over it. It will be ready in about 40 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees. 


Italian peperoni pie


The sweet-smelling restaurants during our holidays in Rome and Naples (Italy) lured me in developing an Italian tart. Lets say a heightened pizza..... Also very suitable in small pieces with a glass of good wine, outside on the verandah/balcony with the beautiful view of ...... Enough herewith our recipe!



- 250 gr mushrooms

- 1 union

- 1 clove of garlic

- salt and pepper

- 1 tsp oregano

- olive oil

- 250 gr tomatoes 

- 100 gr salami in thin slices

- 125 gr mozzarella cheese

- 30 gr gorgonzola cheese

- 60 ml whipped cream

- 1 egg

- ready made pastry dough


Slice the mushrooms. Dice the union and shred the garlic. Fry the mushrooms in the olive oil, when moist is gone, add union and garlic till translucent. Spice the mixture with oregano, salt and pepper. Let is cool off. Half the slices of salami, wash the tomatoes and cut them in slices. Mix gorgonzola cheese, egg and cream and add to cold mushroom mixture. Clothe a buttered form with dough with edges up to about 3 cm. Pierce small holes in the bottom with a fork and pour mushroom mixture in it. Distribute the slices of tomato, salami and mozzarella on top. Sprinkle a generous amount of black pepper on it and bake it in 30 minutes low in the oven at 225 degrees.