Mushroom Roquefort tart


- 200 gr Mushrooms

- 100 gr Roquefort cheese

- 1 large cut union

- thyme

- 3 eggs

- ready made pie dough from supermarket


Fry the union, add sliced mushrooms and fry for another 5 minutes. Add thyme and salt. In a separate bowl mix Roquefort with eggs add salt/pepper according to taste. Clothe the buttered pie form with the dough. Pierce tiny  holes in bottom with a fork and fill it with the mushroom mixture. Pour the cheese/egg mixture over is and bake in the over for about 35 minutes on 200 degrees. 


Tip: Taste wonderful combined with a fresh pear/walnut salad!




Vegetable pie with nuts


- 5 medium seized carrots

- 500 gr green eggplant /courgettes

- 1 red bell pepper

- 2 unions

- 2 cloves of garlic

- 75 gr non-salted pealed walnuts

- 100 gr grated old cheese

- 2 tsp cut fresh thyme

- 1 tsp cut fresh rosemary

- salt and pepper

- half lemon

- 150 ml milk

- 3 eggs 

- 1x basis recipe of yeast dough or 5 slices of ready made frozen pie dough 


Wash vegetables, scrap carrot and slice in slices of 1 cm and cook them for 5 minutes. Cut courgette in small pieces and dice the pepper. Dice the Union and garlic. Fry union and garlic in some cooking oil (3tbsp). Once glassy add courgette and pepper. Next add carrot and spice the vegetables with thyme, rosemary, salt & pepper and lemon juice. Butter the tart form, cloth it with the dough and pierce wholes in bottom with a fork. Mix eggs with milk and cheese, add salt&pepper to taste. Put vegetables in the form, add walnuts and pour egg mixture on top

Bake pie in oven on 200 degrees in about 35 minutes.